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Much like everywhere else, the market prices for properties in Nice have everything to do with location !
Some neighborhoods, priced for their exceptional location, request over 15,000 Euros per sqm, while other (more popular ones) are less than 3000 euros per sqm.
Below you can find pictures, when enlarged they will help you to discover real estate market in Nice, and the prices by sector.

Here is the list of neighborhoods to help you get an impression of the areas in which we work :
Nice Port, Franck Pilatte, Mont Alban, Maeterlinck, Center of Nice, Golden Square, musicians, Mozart Square, Pedestrian Zone, English promenade, Old Nice, Cours Saleya, Quai des USA, Nice Cimiez, Rimiez, Gairaut, Nice North, Malaussena, Borriglione, Nice, Riquier, Saint Roch, Republic, Garibaldi, Pasteur, Nice West, Fabron, Corniche flowers, Lanterne, California, Carras, Nice East…

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Nice Cimiez

Nice Cimiez Rimiez Bieckert

Nice Cimiez is the residential area where you will find many Palace and this close to the center of Nice. This residential area is very sought significant Nice. After the Mont Boron, it is the most popular residential area. Count for apartments with 3900 Euros per square meter defects and those without the default 7000 Euros per sqm. You can also find great properties Cimiez. Little less than a quarter of Cimiez: Due to its configuration, has not always Cimiez sea view
Nice Centre Musiciens Carré d'or Place Massena Zone Piétonne

Nice Center Musiciens Square Gold Square Massena pedestrian zone

Nice Center Musiciens Square Gold Square Massena pedestrian zone. We are at the heart of the city of Nice, near the promenade des Anglais. This sector is on high demand by wealthy foreigners, and investors seeking for the perfect location above all. The City Center provides endless amenities, and access to the sea without having to get in one’s car. The price tends to be upwards of 5000 Euros for quality properties. This sector is also very popular with investors who want to acquire vacation rentals.
Nice Promenade des anglais, Av de verdun, Av de Suede et le célèbre Jardin Albert 1er

Nice Promenade des Anglais, Avenue de Verdun, Avenue of Sweden and the famous Jardin Albert 1er

These are the most elite locations in Nice, boasting the most prestigious addresses, sea views, large buildings and historical luxury.

These areas are likely to cost you opwards of 15,000 Euros due to their prime locations, but with an increadibly substantial drop in prices the closer you get to the airport

Port de Nice, rue Cassini, rue Bonaparte, Place Garibaldi, Quai des deux Emmanuel Quai lunel et Bassin Lympia

Nice Port Cassini Bonaparte Place Garibaldi Emmanuel Quai, Quai Lunel, Lympia

This is a central district, close with several locational ammenities, and containing both renovated and unrenovated properties. This area is vast and there are still some nice opportunities to either exclusively reside here, or to invest in. You’re likely to pay upwards of 10,000 euros per m² for the top overlooking the Port of Nice and 5000 Euros for the old streets in more remote areas.
Nice Gairaut, Nice Nord et les Collines niçoises

Nice Gairaut North Hills

This is an area with smaller, but exquisite villas, sometimes with beautiful sea views at affordable prices. It also boasts beautiful residences with superb sea views and terraces in town. Properties with the finest sea views, and queit terraces are priced upwards of 6000 Euros per sqm. Whilst luxury buildings are likely to be priced upwards of 3700 euros, but will require renovation, and will have less of a sea view.
Vieux Nice, le Cours Saleya, la Place Rosseti, le Quai des Etats-unis, la Place Saint François

Old town Place Rossetti Nice Cours Saleya Place Saint Francis

This is the historic center of the city of Nice. This area is extremely well positioned and is close to Nice’s ocean, and beaches. You might unfortunately encounter some downsides within old buildings such as a lack of elevators. This neighborhood has a holiday atmosphere all year, and is in high demand by foreign investors who seek weekly vacation rentals. But we still know of several opportunities priced at less than 4000 euros per sqm, whilst requiring some renovation.
Nice Mont-Boron, le célèbre Boulevard Franck Pilatte, le Boulevard Maeterlink, l'Avenue Jean Lorrain, le Bd Mont-Alban et le Bd Cap de Nice

Nice Mont Boron, Franck Pilatte Boulevard, Boulevard Maeterlinck, Avenue Jean Lorrain, Boulevard Mont-Alban and the Cape of Nice

We’re here in the heart of one of the top-rated areas Nice with the Golden Square downtown, and the Promenade des Anglais in its vicinity. This residential neighborhood enjoys extraordinary sea views, and is oriented to the south and west all whilst maining a close proximity to downtown Nice. There are beautiful condominiums and in conjunction with equisite palaces and mansions. It is a must-see destination in Nice. Prices here are upwards of 15,000 euros per m² for exceptional properties, and around 6000 euros for properties needing refurbishment.
Nice Centre, Avenue Jean Médecin, Avenue Foch, Rue Lépante, Gare Sncf, Notre Dame, Dubouchage, Carabacel

Nice Centre Avenue Jean Medecin Avenue Foch Street Lepante station SNCF Dubouchage Carabacel Notre Dame

This is the center of Nice, and tends to be quite affordable. The area is becoming, and due to its location it provides a nice asset, as you can still find properties at less than 4000 Euros per sqm
Nice Ouest, Avenue de la lanterne, Corniche Fleurie, Fabron, Californie

West Nice, Avenue of the lanterne, Corniche Fleurie, Fabron, California

Here the district’s main asset are its sea views and terraces in quiet residential complexes with swimming pools. Many foreign buyers are also investing in this neighborhood, who seek sea views for less than 4000 Euros per sqm in beautiful homes. This large area also has a very luxurious residences with large terraces and beautiful sea and city views for an investment of less than 5500 euros per sqm
Nice Nord, Libération, Malaussena, Borriglione, Vernier, Mirabeau, Boulevard de Cessole

Libération Nice Nord Malaussena Borriglione Vernier Boulevard Mirabeau Cessole

This is a vast area comprising many parts which are actively and consistently sought after. The price range varies widely and you can find properties for less than 4000 euros per m². The bottom of this area is close to the Centre and provides very good quality of life through a proper investment. It is considered incredibly pleasant to reside in, and grants its residents excellent access throughout Nice through the tram system.
Nice Est, Place Arson, Avenue République, Boulevard Delfino, Quartier de Saint Roch, Quartier de Pasteur

Arson East Nice Place Republic Boulevard Avenue Saint Roch District Delfino District Pastor

With Nice North, a very pleasant area, with access to the tram. In the part near the Port, prices exceed 3000 Euros for buildings of good quality and are below the 3000 euro mark if in St. Roch. In the former, sometimes there are great opportunities in these neighborhoods for a savvy investor who is not afraid to renovate.