Real estate prices per square meter in Nice Center, Avenue Jean Médecin, Avenue Foch, Rue Lépante, Gare Sncf, Notre Dame, Dubouchage, Carabacel

Property price per square meter in the center of Nice neighborhood close to Avenue Jean Médecin, the Lepanto street, railway station of Nice.

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An area of Nice Center with affordable real estate prices per square meter

This is one of the most central areas in Nice.
An apartment in a luxury residence is likely to be priced upwards of 4500 and 6000 Euros if the apartment is in a quiet building, and has terrace as well as an unobstructed view.
In an older building, the property prices start at 3500 Euros per sq ft for apartments requiring renovation, and located in noisier buildings.
This area has several very old buildings, where prices can go up to 5000 Euros per sqm.
There are few available houses in the urban sector.
Location is what makes a property here a good real estate purchase.
Close to everything, from the famous Avenue Jean Medecin, to the tram, to being within 300 meters of the train station, this area for a first-time buyer, or an investor a pristine destination.
This is a wonderful central neighbourhood (left of the Avenue Jean Medecin) that has not experienced sharp price increases of recent years sq.

A neighborhood that interests investors

The investors who want to stay in the heart of the city of Nice buy in Lepante area and around the train station in Nice.
We can also look at the area of Trachel above the station.
Properties here are priced at 3200 € / m2 on average, over 70 percent of buyers in this sector are local buyers.
This area retains two particular sectors that are in good condition, where properties less than 45 m2 are priced at 190 000 euros.
Studio apartments are also an excellent investment in this central district of Nice.
If you want to invest or purchase a second home at an affordable price, that will yield you excellent rental property (weekly rentals for the holidays or for the year furnished ,or empty), this is the place.
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