Real estate price per square meter in Nice Center Musiciens Square Gold Square Massena pedestrian zone

Nice Center containing the Golden Square of the pedestrian zone, the musicians, the famous Place Massena and Gardens Avenue Felix Faure
We are here at the heart of the Centre of Nice, French Riviera.
The Real estate prices vary greatly per square meter depending on the streets, buildings and types of apartments in question.
Please peruse the following 12 photos, and scroll above to get an idea of the strengths of this central district of Nice.
These images depict one of the most expensive areas in Nice.


Real estate prices per m² which vary greatly depending on the streets, buildings and types of apartments

For an apartment in a luxury residence recently, you’re likely to be looking at prices around 5000 to 7000 Euros, perhaps more if the apartment building is particularly quiet, or has certain amenaties such as a terrace and an unobstructed view.
Property prices for older buildings start at 3900 Euros per sqm for apartments requirig renovation, or located in noisier buildings.
This area has also certifiably highly rated older buildings, priced up to 6000 Euros per sqm.
There are just few houses in this urban sector.
You’ve probably heard of Nice Center, particularly its neighborhood with a Golden Square and Musicians.
It is the heart of the tourist and commercial center of the city of Nice.
The Golden Square neighborhood borders Boulevard Victor Hugo, Boulevard Gambetta, the Promenade des Anglais and the Avenue Jean Medecin, it includes, of course, the pedestrian area and the Place Massena.
This area (encompassing just a handful of properties upon the prestigious Promenade des Anglais, priced at opwards of 10,000 per sqm, with beautiful properties to behold, and unobstrocted views of the sea). Additionally, one has immediate access to all the amenities, restaurants, and prestigious boutiques.
After the pedestrian zone, you will encounter the famous Place Massena (and First Street with its gardens) and a pedestrian crossing, as well as a tram system to guide you through the city neighborhoods from the east (Port) to the north.
In the Golden Square area on can explore buildings from the Belle Epoque, as well as the Haussmann Turin Centre in the heart of Nice.
You can also find luxury real estate in this newest historic district.
In this privileged area of Central Nice prices start at 8000 Euros per square meter for quality apartment that requires no additional work.
You will need to invest around 6000 Euros for properties on the Boulevard Victor-Hugo ; this is, of course, dependent on the type of building and whether the apartment happens to be graced with a terrace, on located on a higher floor.
Properties on the Place Massena tend to vary between 7000 and 8000 Euros depending on the state of the place, and its orientation (i.e. views).

Real estate prices per square meter ranging from 5,000 Euros to 12,000 Euros per square meter

One would be looking at approximately 7000 Euros in the first half of the pedestrian zone, and around 6000 Euros in the lower part (near the Rue de France).
The Musicians’ district is located above the Boulevard Victor Hugo, and in its center resided the famous Mozart.
This neighborhood is much quieter than the Golden Square, with a slightly less commercial shops.
The Musicians’ district is in high demand by retirees who seek a good quality of life, whilst remaining close to the city center.
To buy a high quality apartment in this area, one will likely be looking at around 5500 Euros to 7000 Euros per m2.
Smaller apartments such as studios or ones containing 2 rooms are are highly desired by foreign buyers, and therefore tend to be generally more expensive.
This type of apartment is also on high demand by investors, as they can easily rent them out at 650 euros a month during the academic year, and at the same price per week in the high summer season.
If you want to come and settle permanently in Nice, or even spend vacation here for 15 days a year whilst maintaining a steady income from your investment (in both the medium and lond term) then you’re looking at the perfect area.
When looking at properties, location should be one’s primary objective. To that point, it is undeniable that the Golden Square area, and the musicians’ district are the hottest locations in downtown Nice, French Riviera.
To find a property, such as : an apartment, or luxury villa and invest in the center of Nice, please notify us of your exact crtieria so we can begin the search for your dream home !