Discover the testimonials of people who offered our services in Nice.
I live in London with my boyfriend and we wanted a second home on the French Riviera.
After several weekends in the region, we decided to choose to buy a flat to spend long-weekends and holidays.

We visited a dozen flats in the center of Nice and the old town but we hadn’t found a favorite.

All the flats we visited needed a lot of work and we lived far away, not knowing anyone there, we felt we couldn’t manage our jobs remotely.
While surfing on Internet, we fell on VDB Associates real estate, and we discussed what we wanted with them.
They reassured us and showed us the properties they had already found for other people living abroad.

A month later, we bought a flat to be renovated completely.
VDB Associates flat finder as promised, visited the construction site, and sent us pictures regularly.
The construction went very well, and we really could do what we wanted.

Feel free to use their services, we have since showed 2 of our friends their website. And they ultimately used their services to acquire a property in Nice. Like us, they are very happy and completely satisfied with their services.

Jane and Boris London

Hello, I am from Bordeaux, I moved to Nice five years ago, initially for rent.

When I decided to buy, I did not know where to start being inundated with ads each more enticing than the next.
I knew all these commercials and advertisements were not always realistic.

Being naturally shy, not wanting to spend my time on the phone, and having lived in England (where they offer the advantage of having a single interlocutor) I did not hesitate to call VDB Associates once I found them on the Internet.
From the first contact, I knew right away, they would find my flat.
After only three weeks, I signed an agreement to purchase an apartment that had all the criteria I wanted.
I saved a substantial sum of money by following their advice regarding the tender offer at a price they considered market.

Negotiating with the seller was bitter and long.
Only made easier in their help with aspect of the negotiation.

I thank VDB Associates for their efficiency, professionalism and above all their sympathy.

Sandrine Delmont

I heard about this profession, and when I came across a mailing offering me this service, I did not hesitate a moment.
I wanted a 2-room flat in a quiet residence with terrace and sea view over Nice West.

I started visiting the buildings but the other agencies I contacted did not suit me.

There was either noise, or terraces not deep enough, or not great sea views.
With Vdb Associates, all the apartments I visited had my criteria and were situated in homes that I liked.
After two months, an opportunity presented itself and I bought right after the visit.

Thank you again, a great service for those who do not want to run out visiting flats that do not suit them.

Sophie Cohen

I was born in Nice and when I was ready to own a property (I finally signed a permanent work contract), I contacted many real estate agents who have never taken the time to really listen to my query and who often called me back with flats I’d never be interested in.

I had heard of the term « property finder » and initially assume dit to be very negative ; in that it would cost me more money and my budget was rather reserved compared to wealthy clientele.

But ultimately, finding Philip’s website, and making a quick appointment with me to better understand my criteria, I quickly realized that there was no downside to hiring a flat hunter.

Their fees are, in 95 percent of cases, equivalent to the prices in ads I had solicited. Their fees are fully justified by the fact they helped me attain a good deal, helped me to understand the contract, and to know all the mechanics and techniques in order to be « first served ».

Indeed, business is good selling right away and that’s what happened to me.
Right away I bought the flat where I live today.
I hope that this testimony also makes you save time and money by recommending the professional services of Philip.

Julie Martin-Roux

After two months of telephone surveys and having conducted numerous visits to find the house we were looking for with my wife, friends told us about the property finder services by the company VDB Associates.

We were pleasantly surprised by their professionalism, listening and responsiveness.
They’ve found a selection of houses and sent us photos of stories that allowed us not to have to physically visit every time.

After two months, we made three visits with them all in one day, a call, and a visit that evening.

It was what we expected, we immediately made an offer and our offer was accepted.

Thank you to them, I recommend all buyers to use this service which is really cost effective, and not any more expensive than a traditional agency.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrie

Wanting to buy an apartment as an investment property, a friend, and asset manager advised me to call Vdb Associates.

I had previously searched by myself and had only visited horrorific flats that didn’t conform with my objectives.

Vdb associated quickly found me a case to renovate, they managed the project, advised me on the material and they found a project manager.
They really helped me make a great deal, they performed excellently, and helped me get secured by insurance.

Bruno Alimi

Finally a real service (which I describe as free as it does not cost more than a traditional agency), true professionals here to defend your interests. They take the time to listen to you and tell you what is possible or not within your budget.

I do not know the Nice market, they took the time to explain it to me, it really saved time, and thanks to them I found a rare gem, an incredible flat in a neighborhood in the city center calm.

Dominique Breton