What real estate price per square meter in Nice Port, Place Garibaldi, rue Bonaparte ?

Property market in Nice Port, Rue Bonaparte, Garibaldi Square and Antique district.

Property prices per square meter in this neighborhood of Nice, French Riviera.

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Real estate prices in Nice Port are booming ?

This is one of the best areas in Nice.
For a flat in a luxury residence one would be looking at approximately 4200 to 4800 Euros ; more if the apartment is in a quiet building, or contains a terrace and an unobstructed view.
In older buildings, the property prices in this area start at 3800 Euros per sqm, but flats tend to be located in noisier buildings, and require renovation.
This area has several very old buildings, where prices can reach 4500 Euros per sqm.
There are very few villas in this urbanized area in Nice.
Near the old city, the port of Nice is incredibly well known, and well received.
The Port of Nice, though, tends to be limited only to the periphery of the basin of the Port.
The recently pedestrianized area means the Port of Nice location will likely boom in the near future.
But Nice Port remains a very mixed market where old buildings (almost all scrapped and renovated now) can be found alongside newer buildings with terraces.
Certainly in terms of price, around the basin of the Port (Quai Lunel Quay both Emmanuel and the famous Isle of Beauty) property prices tend to be higher, because the flats are exceptionally beautiful, and well-placed with unobstructed boat and sea-views.
For an apartment in Nice old Port, you will likely pay between 8000 and 10000 Euros per sqm.
There is only one novel building (1975) in Nice port « Neptune » that boasts properties with terraces, sea views and properties located on higher floors where an investment will cost you approximately 10,000 to 11,000 Euros per sqm.
The location boasts charming antique shops, and its street Fodere has proven to be a popular destination. Catherine Ségurane has a positive impact as a result of its exceptional location (counted between 4000 and 5500 Euros per sqm depending on the state).

Place du Pin, rue Bonaparte and Place Garibaldi, the little Marais Niçois.

Garibaldi Square is also now entirely renovated, and has direct access to the tram leading to the old town. Such a dimension has undeniable benefits (according to the state, the county tends to have properties between 6000 and 6500 E/m2 E/m2 to inhabit a Torino style building).
Some areas of the Port are quite noisy because of traffic which of course makes the price a bit more affordable m² (Rue Barla, cassini Street, Rue Arson …).
You’ll need to pay between 3500 and 4500 Euros per sqm for an apartment alongside street shops, and in busier areas of the district. Adjacent streets (bd Stalingrad Fodere street, the street Lascaris Avenue Lympia) boast apartments with beautiful sea views, and tend to be priced as such.
Quieter, one-sided streets in the area (street bonaparte, rue Lascaris…) contain old buildings, renovated or restored, private sea views and one can negotiate to prices between 3500 and 4500 € / m2.
An unpretentious 2 bedroom apartment is likely to cost approximately 280,000 €.
If you are looking for an apartment in a luxury apartment with a terrace, the price will likely exceed 350,000 euros.
The Port district of Nice attracts lovers of buildings old, and new, as well as with a variety of budgets.
This shopping area, complete with restaurants, now fully renovated, is also very well placed (5 minutes from Nice (Place Massena) on the tram from Piazza Garibaldi).
It undeniably has all attributes that make buying a property in this area an excellent investment.
Rental demand (seasonal, or on behalf of students) can achieves 5 percent in this sector.
It is important to note, as there are to be no new property developments, renting your property is likely to yield you no competition in the Port area of Nice.
If you want to live in Nice, we invite you to visit the Port area, and get a sense of what it would be like to live there by dining on the Piazza Garibaldi, or bargain hunting in antique shops.
To find an apartment and invest in Nice Port, please send us your exact criteria so we can get started on finding your next dream location !