Real estate in Cimiez Rimiez, with property prices (per square meter) of various areas in Cimiez

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This is one of the most expensive areas in Nice, typically an apartment in a luxury area would cost at least 6000 to 7000 Euros if the apartment enjoys a quiet environment, has a terrace, or contains an unobstructed view.


Cimiez Rimiez a residential area with stable property prices

In an older building, the property prices in this area start at 4500 Euros per sq ft but typically require renovation, and tend to be noisier.
This area also contains highly rated old buildings where prices can go up to 6000 Euros per sqm.
There are many villas and mansions in this residential area of Nice.
Cimiez district is a hill which plunges into the heart of central Nice.
Its rich history, and Roman Architecture, as well as its renowned jazz festival makes this area a major tourist attraction in Nice.
In addition, you will find several museums such as : the archaeological site, the Matisse Museum, the Chagall Museum, as well as a monastery dating from the 15th century containing a beautiful garden with breathtaking sea and city views.
This elite hillside has plenty of greenery, which makes it a very popular residential area.
This is also the foremost location in Nice containing beautiful palaces of the golden age, for those who want to live the life of a Prince (The Regina, the Hermitage, the Grand Palace, The Winter Palace …).

Different real estate prices between Nice Cimiez and Rimiez

One can distinguish two distinct markets in an attempt to delineate Cimiez in terms of the real estate market:
Lower Cimiez (before the place Commandant Jerome), and the area above Cimiez.
The value of apartments and villas changes entirely between both the lower and upper areas of Cimiez.
Lower Cimiez tends to be more expensive because of its proximity to downtown.
The current average industry price in Cimiez is 4900 Euro / m².
One can easily exceed 6000 Euros per m² for exceptionally flawless properties.
However, prices decrease drastically to about 4000 Euros per m² along the main roads and noisy parts of the eastern sector of Cimiez with views overlooking Nice Pasteur.
This chic hill, popular with the Nicois is also famous for its beautiful mansions. Such properties have major assets : quiet surroundings, greeneries, renowned schools, and proximity to Central Nice.
If you want to live in Cimiez, one of the most notable areas of the French Riviera, we invite you to come explore it.
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