Real estate price per square meter in west Nice, Avenue de la lanterne, Corniche Fleurie, Fabron, Californie

Nice West Fabron Corniche Fleurie, Lantern, Carras, California, Napoleon 3 …
Discover magnificent buildings with swimming pools, parks, tennis courts, clubhouse for a unique quality of life.
Luxury apartments with stunning terraces, sea views and in quiet buildings/areas.
This west area of Nice is the place to find properties for an excellent value per square meter.
Please peruse the 12 photos and scroll through to discover beauty of this neighborhood.


Affordable real estate prices per square meter in west Nice for luxury residences with sea views


This is one of the most residential areas in Nice.
Apartments in a luxury residence are priced upwards of 5000 to 7000 Euros, but tend to cost more if the apartment is in a quite building, and has a terrace as well as an unobstructed view.
Older buildings have properties priced upwards of 4000 Euros per sqm for apartments requiring renovation, and in noisy buildings.
There are many villas on this residential area of Nice.
Fabron, Napoleon III, the cornice flowery, and Boulevard are all names known by Nice’s inhabitants.
Nice West has long been the preferred destination for executives who work in Nice and in the surrounding communities.
This district, for some years now has also attracted foreign clientele because of its proximity to main roads, whilst retaining access to luxury housing complexes. It is very pleasant to live in, and boasts breathtaking sea views that are not typically synonymous with the somewhat lower investment sectors in Nice.
The western area of Nice contains extremely luxurious residences (Beautiful land, Arcadia, Constellations, Abbey Roseland …), here you can enjoy superb sea views, access to parks, swimming pools, tennis courts and clubhouses.
This type of apartment or residence is priced at around 5000 to 6500 euros per m2.
Some exceptional apartments may exceed this range (Villa-on-roof) and reach the 7000 Euros per m².

Nice West sector, the middle class district of Nice


On the Corniche Fleurie with oriented towards the west, and views, instead, on Saint Laurent du Var and the plain of the Var, the price per square meter oscillates around 4500 Euros per m².
For a villa in Nice West, it will take a minimum budget of 900,000 Euros for a four bedrooms property with sea views in a quiet area.
There are also splendid Nice Western properties that exceed one million euros.
The west of Nice also offers many new programs on the trunk road 202 because there is still land in this area, such properties cose approximately 200,000 Euros for a nice 2 room apartment with a terrace, as well as parking ; and 130,000 Euros for a studio apartment of about 25 sqm.
This area west of Nice is quite varied, where luxury housing developments coincide with less luxurious buildings.
The area west of Nice, home to 30 of the loveliest properties (see photos above of some of them) has an excellent value for money for those who want to enjoy a sea view, a large terrace, lawns and absolute quiet for an affordable price, whilst retaining a proximity to downtown Nice (20 minutes by car).
If you want to live in Nice, or are seeking a second home in the sun facing the sea, this is the neighborhood for you, and it boasts some of the most exquisite buildings in Nice.
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