Real estate price per square meter in North of Nice, Liberation, Malaussena, Borriglione, Vernier, Mirabeau, Boulevard de Cessole

Property prices per square foot in the Northern area of Nice demonstrating apartments, flats, townhouses, or villas.

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Real estate price per square meter in North of Nice district for an apartment or a townhouse

This is an extremely affordable area in Nice.
Apartments in a luxury residence are priced upwards of 4000 to 6000 Euros, if the apartment is in a quiet building, and has terrace as well as an unobstructed view.
Older buildings have property prices starting at 3000 Euros per sq ft for apartments requiring renovation, and located in noisier areas.
There are many villas and town houses on this area of Nice.
The Northern Nice market has known a rapidly changing market thanks to the new tram route.
The area north of Nice is extremely broad and includes several micro-market assets.
Firstly, North of Nice is particularly interesting due to the accessibility to Downtown (a good third of purchasers are PRIMO-time buyers in North of Nice).
The property price per square foot tends to be well over 5000 euros, many of the purchases in this sector are made by Nicois.
The area north of Nice is vast and many locations provide interesting assets :
First in line of Avenue Jean Medecin, we find the district Liberation (Malaussena Joseph Garnier …) with its market of fruits and vegetables.

Liberation a booming real estate district with rising prices per square meter

The area around the Malaussena Borriglione have now become pedestrianized, thanks to the tram route, and are quiet as a result.
The average price in this sector is currently 3500 euros per sqm.
The apartments in luxury buildings can easily cost 4500 euros per square meter.
It is important to note, that the higher up you are in Nice (the more North) the more real estate prices tend to decline.
Modern accommodation in this area starts at 3000 euros per sqm in the buildings from the 60s, or even 3500 E for more generous surfaces built in the 70s.
On the Boulevard Gorbella, still on the tram path, in a modern building with all comfort, a 55 m2 property recently sold for 220,000 euros.
North of Nice, a quarter of an hour from Massena by tram, the district the Poets offers Belle Epoque buildings and secure condominiums (with parks, pools, and tennis …) is also highly rated.
These homes often have splendid views of the city and the sea, and house prices can then rise up to 4500 Euros per m².
The area north of Nice can also boast townhomes, and as close as they are to the popular City Centre, are still abundantly calm.
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