Real estate prices per square meter in East Nice, Place Arson, Avenue République, Quartier de Saint Roch, Pasteur

Nice East is a neighborhood undergoing a revival in Nice with prices per sqm remaining affordable for an unparalleled quality of life.
Buying an apartment, a townhouse or a villa in the area east of Nice, is making an investment for the future.
Please peruse the 12 photos and scroll through to discover this exquisite living destination.

East Nice is a district in full revival with affordable real estate prices per square meter

This is an exquisite area in Nice.
For an apartment in a luxury residence prices range from 4500 Euros to 5500 Euros if the apartment is located in a quiet building, and has a terrace as well as an unobstructed view.
Older buildings, are priced at 3500 Euros per sq ft for apartments requiring renovation, and located in noisier buildings.
There are only few houses in this urban sector.
The area around the eastern city of Nice now enjoys a steady increase in price per square meter.
The renovation of Place Arson, on the tram route towards Avenue de la Republique, Boulevard Saint Roch, near the Boulevard Pasteur now encompass the center of Nice, and are only a quarter of an hour awat. This closeness has naturally increased the attractiveness of this vast area.
Centre Commercial Carrefour TNL Riquier Railway Station and the area around it is now pedestrianized making this area liveable and attractive for a rental investment.
All these amenities with the expansion of the university sector Angely are located between rue Barla and Avenue Blue Devils, a neighborhood in full expansion.
For apartments in buildings like Nice you can estimate prices around 3500 to 4000 Euros ; some even ranging between 4200 and 5000 sqm.
You can also find townhouses and villas on this sector.

Saint Roch and Pasteur opportunities for less than 3500 Euros per square meter

The district further north, than that of Saint Roch such as Vauban retains its investibility as a result of its access to the tram
In Pastor, near hospitals, prices are slightly lower and can reach 3500 euros per m2 on average for new buildings.
If you want to come live in Nice East or investing in the area, we invite you to walk around here, you will discover a booming up-and-coming neighborhood.
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