Real estate price per square meter in Nice Gairaut, Nice Nord and the Nice Hills

Nice and the Nice hills Gairaut Saint Pierre Féric, the Piol, Pessicart, Saint-Antoine-de-Ginestière, St. Pancrace
Here the property market boasts villas and apartments with sea views.

Foreign buyers are now positioning themselves in this sector as prices are still affordable, and properties are located in quiet areas with panoramic views.
Please peruse the 12 photos and scroll through to visualize this beautiful area of Nice.


Affordable real estate prices with beautiful sea views

This is a residential areas of Nice.
An apartment in a luxurious residence building is likely to cost no less than 3500 Euros to 5000 Euros if the property is located in a quiet building/area, and has terrace as well as an unobstructed view.
Property prices for older buidings in this area start at 3000 Euros per sq ft for apartments requiring renovation, and located in noisier buildings.
There are lots of villas in this sector.
The hills of Nice and Gairaut offer calm and green areas with villas that offer larger pieces of land (2500 m²)
On Gairaut , you will typically encounter newer villas (California style) oftentimes with great sea views.
Such properties in Gairaut require budgets over one million euros.
Additionally, on Gairaut the Hills, and hill Piol Pessicart you’ll find buildings with large apartments sometimes boasting swimming pools, tennis courts, and large terraces.
For these properties, prices run upwards of 6000 euros per m².

A large sector with very disparate real estate prices per square meter

Many villas are located on areas of St. Peter’s Féric of Piol, Pessicart, Saint-Antoine-de-Ginestière and St. Pancrace.
In these areas, one will likely need to invest between 700,000 euros and 800,000 euros for a villa of 150 sqm.
For a house of 85 m2 paired with a 100 m2 garden one will encounter prices between 450,000 and 550,000 euros per sq ft depending on the quality of the site.
Note, however, that these areas often benefit from all services of public transit to take you Downtown.
If you want to come live in Nice, we invite you to discover the hills or visit Niçoises Gairaut sector, there are ample opportunities to explore.
To find an apartment with sea view, luxury villa in the Gairaut area, please send us your exact criteria so we can get started on finding your next dream location !