Our real estate hunter service, Real Estate Coach VDB property finder in Nice french Riviera is now 20 years old and thanks to this experience we can help you effectively find your apartment as well as your prestige, luxury or investment villa, property, house and residence in Nice Côte d’Azur.
Do not hesitate to contact us in Nice for a free study of your research in real estate so that our coach service, property hunter will allow you to find the apartment or villa of your dreams in Nice. Do not hesitate because our fees are no more expensive than going through a traditional Nice real estate agency.

Why use the services of a real estate finder ?

Do not waste time and money, be sure to be informed of the opportunities coming to market, enact virtual tours at home, and personally visit the property that might actually suit you.

The real estate market and the techniques used to search for flat or a house has completely changed in recent years.

The scarcity of real property (property, flat or house) on the market in Nice French Riviera typically ensures that the sellars have the strong position in a real estate transaction.

Flats and houses in high-demand areas of Nice are likely to see rapid bids as a result, such bids are usually the result of knowing investors who are quick to position themselves advantageously.

LEmail alert systems from various real estate portals now act as recipients without a significant availability, and hence one’s bids are often preceded by one who has more time.

This is especially true if you are abroad or at a considerable distance from Nice.

This is due to the shortage of supply in the housing market and the subsequent requirement of hyper-responsive buyers. It is difficult for a non-professional to acquire properties as a result of their inability to position themselves quickly for purchase.

Simultaenously, how can a buyer living abroad, or 300 km from Nice know if the property their looking at is as advertised ? That is to say that it isn’t noisy, in a bad sector, on a bad street, misguiding or presenting major defects.

Only a professional that has mastered the market can know if the flat or the house that is seen is as advertised, as well as being the correct market price. As well as know how to position themselves in a way that would lead the bid.

Our expertise from visiting numerous properties in the same area and in the same price range allows us to demand a fair price, and have an objective opinion.

For an individual to get an idea of prices, they’d usually need to visit at least two dozen properties to reassure themselves before making an offer.

This observation therefore requires months of research (5-6) from individual buyers, with an adverse risk of making the wrong decision. (The area they’ve found will not often meet the essential criteria that they had originally set). It would be costly for one’s time to call individual vendors only to learn that the property has already sold, or seek out equivalent properties for comparison, only to likely end up making an unfortunate error.

What are the benefits of hiring a property finder to find your next flat or a house in Nice French Riviera France ?

Having an exclusive property hunter at your side gives you a single contact who will define the acquirer’s criteria for the sought property, as well as areas and neighborhoods in Nice where you have a chance to find a flat or the property of your dreams.

The real estate property finder, with the benefit of his professionalism, will show you all the properties that correspond with your wishes.

He will send youreports and surveys as well as offer virtual tours with photos or video reports to help you save time.
We are immediately informed when a property hits the market, as well as if it might require and immediate visit and timely decision as a result of high-demand.

We also grant an advisory role when working to achieve or resolve legal concerns.

For more details on our services, or expenses, we offer please see the rest of our website.