Our real estate hunter service VDB property finder in Nice Côte d’Azur has 20 years of experience and here are the search criteria to define to find the best your apartment (to live or invest), your property or your villa in Nice.
At the bottom of the page you will find a questionnaire to help you define your needs. Please fill it out to the best of your ability, and as honestly as possible so that we may have an accurate picture of your requirements. Once the research questionnaire is approved by us, we study it and get in touch with you verbally about the possibility of finding your ideal property.
A constructive dialogue and a relationship of trust must be established between us to achieve the best possible outcome.
After listening to your criteria, and ensuring we are capable of finding you a home within three months, we suggest working with you on an exclusive basis (to understand our reasons, please follow the link to « Fees »).
Once you have agreed to our services we follow up by sending you an exclusive search contract that will specify the property you seek, the desired geographic area, and a brief description of your criteria, as well as your price range.
Additionally, we will outline our future compensation, which will only be paid when we have accomplished our mission, and ensured your satisfaction (the day you sign for your property with a notary).
We have established three different questionnaires depending on the type of property desired and your profile :

If you wish to receive one, we invite you to order it in the linke entitled rubrique « Contact us ».

  • Our « apartment search » questionnaire
  • Our « house search » questionnaire
  • Our « special investors » questionnaire