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12 photos for you to discover the prestigious and luxury Nice Mont Boron, Franck Pilatte, Maeterlinck ... You will also have information on this topic in Nice: A general idea of the real estate market of apartments, villas, luxury properties on Mont Boron with prices per square meter on the top segment and luxury. You will discover the most beautiful and prestigious addresses in this area very nice and listed on the beautiful sea and city views that make it a number one location in Nice French Riviera. The service apartment hunter VDB real estate partners, real estate specialist luxury residential and prestige on French Riviera Nice, also invite you to visit its offers selected properties for sale and purchase: villas, luxury apartments, in floor with terrace and sea view, luxury properties, products, real estate investment for professional investors or individuals and our selection of new estate in Nice Mont Boron. Découvez also photos gorgeous sea views, villas and apartments in feet of water, sun terraces, luxury residences and very high end, parks, pools, villas on quiet roof, mansions fully restored, listed buildings, protected green areas...

Discover the top segment of Nice Mont Boron with all these addresses prestigious Boulevard Franck Pilatte, Louisa Park, Avenue du Mont Alban, avenue du Mont-Boron, Maeterlinck boulevard, boulevard du Cap de Nice, the avenues Germaine, Jean Lorrain, Forest Road, Bournazel Street, Crest Road, the grande corniche with Bischoffsheim Boulevard and the Col de Villefranche-sur-mer ...
Take time to watch the 12 photos that scroll above to discover this beautiful image in the neighborhood.
Also have a general idea of the property price per square meter on the areas of Mont Boron with a market analysis of the sale and purchase in the sector most expensive in Nice
Analysis of micro-markets according to the prestigious addresses that make up the area of Mont Boron:
Boulevard Franck Pilatte, Louisa Park, Avenue du Mont Alban, Boulevard du Mont Boron, Boulevard Maeterlinck
Boulevard du Cap de Nice, Avenue Germain, Jean-Lorrain, Forest Road, Street Bournazel, the Crest Trail ...

We are here in one of the most expensive area in Nice.
For an apartment in a luxury residence recently, you should have at least 5000 Euros and 9000 Euros more if the apartment enjoys the quiet, terrace and a sea view
In an older building, the property prices in this area starts at 4000 Euros per sq ft for apartments to be renovated, and noisy downstairs.
This area has also a lot of very old building, where prices can go up to 5000 Euros per sqm.
There are beautiful properties and townhouses in this highly prized.
Let's see some figures :
All properties sold on the Mont-Boron Nice whether apartments, villas and luxury properties are more than 70 percent to a clientele of foreign origin (Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Italian , Russian ...).
Mont-Boron is a hill facing west and comprised of 70 percent for apartments and 30% of villas, properties, exceptions and mansions.
Property prices in this sector vary in the former and resale between 5000 and 15 000 Euros per m².
There is currently a new program to 12,000 euros per m².
Why Mont Boron area in Nice is the city's most sought after by the wealthy clients?
First Access to the Mont-Boron is extremely easy (10 minutes from downtown and 20 minutes from Nice International Airport without the noise),
Then the city and sea views are gorgeous (see pictures above), the ideal environment (quiet, facing the sun in south and west, numerous green areas), the architecture is fantastic (many monuments are classified with mansions alongside 1900 that luxury buildings with deep terraces).
On addresses in the best position of Mont-Boron (small number of the boulevard du Mont-Boron Avenue Jean-Lorrain, Forest Road, Bournazel Street, Crest Road) and in the large luxury residences (Residence Haussmann, Cape of Nice, 51 Boulevard du Mont Boron, La Cisterna) it takes more than 8000 Euros per m2 for a luxury apartment, quiet with large terraces and stunning views.
For a villa, well positioned, approximately 150 square meters, it takes about 2 million.
It is not uncommon for some exceptional properties and mansions can often reach and exceed 5 million euros.
The bottom of Mont Boron, very famous too, and Park Boulevard Franck Pilatte Louisa enjoys sea views facing the Mediterranean Sea with private beach residences (The Pearl) and green park (Parc Vigier).
You can expect a range between 8000 and 9000 Euros per square meter in both houses of prestige if you have the sea view
But Mont-Boron area also knows some of these arteries noise. In this case, an apartment with sea views, along Boulevard Carnot (the lower ledge), Louisa around the park, where the average is trading today cornice between 5000 E and 6000 Euros per sqm.
As for beautiful homes in quiet, they traded most often from 7 000 to 8,500 euros per m².
The area of Mont-Alban, farthest from the sea, with views less extraordinary, is more popular with a local clientele as prices per m² in the luxury buildings with terraces then turn around 6000 euros for the most beautiful buildings quiet.
If you want to come sit in Nice or making an investment in real estate over the medium term, long term and of course if you have an adequate budget, feel free to explore the area's most expensive in Nice.
In terms of real estate, location is the only rule to follow and Mont-Boron is simply the number one location in Nice French Riviera.
To find an apartment, property, luxury villa and invest in Nice Mont Boron, please leave us your details to set your search criteria.

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