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12 photos for you to discover the neighborhood of Nice Centre, Golden Square, Mozart Square, Pedestrian Zone, Musicians, Flower District, Place Massena, Avenue Felix Faure ... You will also have information on this topic in center of Nice : A overall idea of the property market in Nice with real estate prices per square meter on the areas of Nice Centre. You will discover your home hunter specializes in Nice, the most beautiful and prestigious addresses in this area very next French Riviera in Nice and the amenities nearby with colleges, schools, colleges, means of transportation that make this neighborhood Nice central location in Nice at the top. The service flat house property finder hunter VDB real estate partners, real estate specialist luxury residential and prestige on French Riviera Nice, also invite you to visit selected offerings of real estate for sale and purchase (villas, luxury apartments Penthouse, luxury properties, products, real estate property investment for professional investors or individuals and our selection of new estate in Center of Nice, Golden Square, Musicians ...).

Nice hyper Center with the Golden Square area of the pedestrian zone, the musicians, the famous Place Massena and Gardens Avenue Felix Faure
We are here in the heart of the Centre of Nice French Riviera.
The Real estate prices vary greatly square meters on streets, buildings and types of apartments.
Take time to watch the 12 photos that scroll above to get an idea while picture of the strengths of this central district of Nice.

We are here in one of the most expensive area in Nice.
For an apartment in a luxury residence recently, you should have at least 4500 Euros and 6000 Euros more if the apartment enjoys the quiet, terrace and an unobstructed view.
In an older building, the property prices in this area starts at 3500 Euros per sq ft for apartments to be renovated, and noisy downstairs.
This area has also rated very old building, where prices can go up to 5000 Euros per sqm.
There are just few houses on this urban sector.
You've probably heard of Nice Center, neighborhood of Golden Square and Musicians.
We here at the heart of the tourist and commercial center of the city of Nice.
The neighborhood of Golden Square is bordered between Boulevard Victor Hugo, Boulevard Gambetta, the Promenade des Anglais and the Avenue Jean Medecin, it includes of course the pedestrian area and the Place Massena.
This area (encompassing small numbers south of the prestigious Promenade des Anglais with property prices per square meter on this stretch to more than 10,000 Euros for the beautiful buildings standing facing the sea) to Nice course has all the amenities with all the restaurants and prestigious boutiques.
After the pedestrian zone, you will fall on the famous Place Massena (and First Street with its gardens) and now a pedestrian crossing by tram through the city neighborhoods east (Port) to the north.
You can explore mainly in the area of Golden Square buildings Belle Epoque, or Haussmann Turin Centre in the heart of Nice.
You can also find real estate luxury buildings in this newest historic district.
In this privileged area of hyper Centre in Nice you will pay at least 6000 Euros per square meter for an apartment with good quality without work.
You will need to invest around 5000 Euros for the Boulevard Victor-Hugo depending on the building and depending on whether the apartment has a terrace and a high floor.
The ticket to the Place Massena is located between 6000 and 7000 Euros depending on the state and orientation.
Counted about 6000 Euros in the first half of the pedestrian zone (the side) and 5000 Euros in the lower part (near the Rue de France).
The Musicians' district is located above the Boulevard Victor Hugo and its center is the famous Mozart.
This neighborhood is much quieter than the Golden Square with a little less commercial shops.
The Musicians' district is in high demand by retirees who come to enjoy the quality of life as we know in Nice.
To buy an apartment in the area of the musicians, you will pay between 4500 Euros and 5000 Euros per m2 per sq m for a quality apartment.
Small apartment type studio or 2 rooms (which are highly desirable by foreign buyers) are generally more expensive.
This type of apartment in small areas also greatly interested investors because they can rent 600 euros during the academic year, and at the same price, but the week in high summer season.
If you want to come and settle permanently in Nice or spend 15 days a year by performing along with a good real estate investment performance over the medium term and long term you are interested in nice neighborhood center.
Relating to properties, it is certain that the location is the only rule to follow and it is undeniable that the sector and the Golden Square area and the musicians area are simply the best place of downtown Nice French Riviera .
To find an apartment or a property, luxury villa and invest in the center of Nice , please leave us your criteria to determine together what you are looking for.

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