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We invite you to discover the real estate market and the city of Nice in 12 pictures representing the 12 main districts of Nice French Riviera. If you want to know the property price per square meter (sqm) carried on each sector in Nice, you can click on a photo above for information with more photos per district in Nice. How much, what a finder for investment, real estate researcher at Nice. Please feel free, our fees, our rates, our charges are no more expensive than a traditional estate agency for an investment that will save you time and money.

What investment should I invest to offer me the services of a real estate finder in Nice ?
What compensation do you take to find the property of my dreams ?

Before discussing our earnings to afford our services, we emphasize that we work only with exclusivity contract.
We know that word is scary, he worried that it is for many synonymous with restriction of freedom when in fact the mandate of proprietary research that we propose is quite the opposite and is actually a fantastic weapon for us help find your property.

Here's why we work only with exclusive mandate :
First, in our opinion it is the only guarantee of security of our objectivity with respect to you because as we know that we will find your property (we are paid only when carrying out our mission) and we are the only ones authorized to do so, we will never do any pressure to influence you to purchase a property that does not satisfy you 100 percent.

Secondly and crucially, when we are looking for, two situations may arise :

If the property is sold by an individual who does not have an agency :
With an exclusive mandate of research, the individual always accepts to show us good because we represent only an individual.
We explain also that we are paid by the purchaser and will have no commission to pay us.
With these arguments, it would be stupid for him to refuse to show us his property for sale.

If the property is presented by an estate agency :
It is noted that often the most interesting properties are in exclusive agency. If you are not an exclusive client, we can not carry the same weight to propose a collaboration and enable you to enjoy a good bargain(see below in section "What investment" if the agency wants to keep his fees full rate).

And more over, we work only for our exclusive activity requires a huge investment in people and we can not invest 100 percent if we are sure that you let us also trust 100 percent.
Only an exclusive mandate allows it.
And yes, it is often overlooked but an exclusive mandate is a real vote of confidence.

So what investment, what compensation you will pay if you want to allocate our services :
First and it is important to note that we do not touch anything if our mission is not accomplished at one hundred percent.
Fees shall be paid only on the day of signing the deed with the notary.
This is a professional insurance that we provide our customers with a promise of results.
All the fees we are to accomplish our mission entirely at our expense and the rest if we failed to find the property you are looking for.

As you have seen above, to find an apartment or villa of your dreams in Nice, several scenarios are possible depending on the case and that our pay will have broken down differently :

If the apartment or villa is found from an individual we will pay 5 percent VAT notary fees (the cost you would have had anyway through a traditional agency you having a good particular).
If the apartment or villa is found through an agency (or any other intermediary paid), two scenarios are possible :
The agency agrees to share his fee with us, in this case, we share the commission that the agency had provided on the mandate of sale and it costs you nothing extra.
The agency does not share that fee with us (in this case it's a great matter in the hands (usually exclusively) and wants to keep his commission so full) and in this situation, you have to us set 2.5 per cent in addition to the price including commission agency notary fees.
To summarize, we can say that the 5 percent that we take up, do not cost more than if you are looking for your property alone, except to go to the owners and to successfully negotiate for the best. What we do for you elsewhere.
Subscribe our services and allocates it therefore pay at least 5 percent of net seller and a maximum of 2.5 per cent in addition to the price commission agency.
Pay an extra of 2.5 percent to make a good bargain that you probably never had time to visit is actually not important expense in a shortage market.

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